Well after all the drama and time delays and after 2.5 months, SUPER BRAWL IV is finally over!

Congratulations to RAMMACRICKET's CODY for becoming the 16th Grand Champion of the SFCCL!  RammaCricket from New Jersey joined the SFCCL this season.  With his friend Skrface_13, he won the 2vs2 Tournament back in September 2012.  HIs two fighters, main fighter CODY and JURI, combined for season records of 42 wins and only 5 losses.  While neither fighter reached the top 4 in the rankings of either division, both fighters reached the Semi Finals on each side of the bracket.  In both matches, RammaCricket faced a former Grand Champion in Cubanile_WL from Florida.  With both of his fighters reaching the Gold Finals, Ramma chose his main fighter to become the 16th Grand Champion of the SFCCL.

Ramma's CODY defeated some impressive fighters along his way to the Semi Finals.  In the opening round, he defeated a-then undefeated #4 Skrface's Blanka (25-0), a former 3-time Grand Champion and his first ever defeat in a Super Brawl tournament.  This match was delayed due to the problems Skrface had getting back online following Hurricase Sandy in late October.  In the Quarter Finals, Ramma's Cody defeated the #1 ranked fighter in the B Division, DrPepper20's Honda (29-3).  DrPepper20, another new member this season, dominated the standings all season long including the impressive victory at the very first event of the season, the Stardust Tournament.  Ramma's opponents in the Semi Finals were both fighters of Cubanile_WL.  Cubanile' main fighter and form Grand Champion, Ken, was defeated by Ramm's Juri in the A Division Semi Finals.  In the B Division, Ramma's Cody defeated #2 Cubanile's Guy (29-6).  Ramma's final record with Cody for this season sits at 27 wins and only 1 loss (and yes, Ramma regrets that one loss to XeroDgX!)

To put RammaCricket's performance in a final perspective, his Juri defeated 3 fighters in the Gold bracket with a combined record of (90-9) while his main fighter Cody defeated fighters with a combined record of 83-9.  Total combined record of his opponents...173 wins and only 18 losses including two former Grand Champions!

Videos of all his Cody matches are below and on the SUPER BRAWL IV page.  Also, I've included the Division A Semi Finals match between his Juri and former Grand Champion Cubanile_WL Ken.

Since RammaCricket was able to win both Semi Final matches, both if his fighters reached the Gold Bracket Finals, and therefore, for only the 2nd time in SFCCL history, a tournament final was not played since a member's two fighters reached the finals.  The other time that happened......the very first SFCCL tournament that started it all back in April 2009.  In that tournament, LUX_ became the first Grand Champion.  Look it up under Season One Match Archives at the bottom of the page.

So it is a proper ending to the SFCCL......to end the league the way it began. 

I mentioned in previous blogs here and over on the SFCCL FB page, this will be the last season of the SFCCL.  The league began in April 2009 on 'vanilla' SF4.  I never would have believed I would still be running this league 4 years later.  However, as for any game, time I think has finally caught up with SF4.  The die-hard players like myself will continue to play the game competitively and for leisure, but the big crowd of casual gamers have longed moved on to other games.  This league was always meant to be a place for all skill levels, but that has become more difficult to do over the past couple of years.  Heck, Super SF4 is now a free game for PS Plus members.  More people may play as a result but if they didn't own the game the last 4 years, they won't play for long now.

So in my final words, all I want to do is thank all the members who have come across the league in the past 4 years.  Made a lot of friends (and a few enemies) over the years and I learned a lot.  Mostly that I am an average SF player!  But in the end, the league was extremely successful and I will gladly put up the SFCCL to ANY ONLINE LEAGUE.  EVER.  Not being cocky, just being truthful.  My proof?  Ask any of the members who have come thru the SFCCL in the past 4 years.  Even those that left on bad circumstances, they would still vouch for the SFCCL.  And I wear that badge of honor proudly.

So, as my final bow, I will end with a song that inspired me to start the league in the first place.  Old blue eyes himself...MY WAY!

Good luck!

*** SFCCL-SALonghorn ***
Well after 2 1/2 months......SUPER BRAWL IV is over!

Yesterday (February 5th , 2013) was the final day of the tournament as both the Gold and Silver tournaments were completed.  Yes, we finally have a new SFCCL Grand Champion!  However......I will not make the official announcement until tomorrow at the earliest as I want to get video of the final match and then post all together.

As for the Silver tournament, congrats to BENSON29's RYU for winning the second-tier tournament.  His Ryu finished the season with am impressive (16-3) record and came from the #13 seed in Division A to win the tournament.  In a close match with a lot of swings in momentum, he defeated #10 Mijoeight's Abel in the Silver Finals 3 wins to 1.  Mijoeight reached the Silver Finals on the Division B side back on December 11th.  With Skrface's delay in playing, the Division A side was slow to get going.  However, last night, Benson's Ryu defeated Skrface's Guile in the Semi Finals and then immediately played Mijoeight, who by chance was also online.  So, the Silver tournament ended with the final two matches played last night with Benson's Ryu defeating two formidable opponents.  See video of the match below.

In case you forgot, Benson29 from Canada also won the Bronze tournament last week.  Congrats to BENSON29 for a successful season.  Thanx to all the members in the Silver bracket for their commitment to the league all season long.

*** SFCCL-SALonghorn ***

Congrats to BENSON29's YUN for winning the Bronze Tournament in SUPER BRAWL IV.  He defeated GuurenLagen's HAKAN in the Finals 3 matches to 1.  Great to see a match between two lesser popular characters in Hakan and Yun.  Also great to see an intense match between two non-fireball fighters which forces the action to up-and-personal. Video replay is available below and on the SUPER BRAWL IV page.

Also, based on his own words, XeroDgX's Akuma has forfeited his match in the Silver bracket to Skrface_13's Guile in the Silver Bracket A Division.  He had hoped to get back online by this Sunday January 27th, but never did.  As of today, he has not been online in 32 days.  Therefore, Skrface_13 GUILE advances to the Silver Bracket A Division semi finals versus Benson29's main figher, Ryu.  The winners advances to the Silver tournament finale against Mijoeight's Abel.

(Thanx to XERODGX for volunteering to forfeit for the sake of the tournament.  Thanx for your commitment to the league all season long, Xero.)

Finally, as for the Gold tournament, I personall am attempting to set up a time and day for the match between DrPepper20 and RammaCricket.  This match will be decided this week...one way or another.

Good luck to all remaining fighter and congrats again to BENSON29's YUN for winnin the Bronze Tournament.

One down......two to go.

*** SFCCL-SALonghorn ***
Just an FYI for those (still) here...

Sunday is my own personal deadline to move each bracket to the next round.  Below are a list of the matches awaiting results:

Gold bracket:
#1 DrPepper20 HONDA vs. #5 RammaCricket CODY
Days waiting: 13 days

Silver bracket:
#11 Skrface_13 GUILE vs. #15 XeroDgX AKUMA
Days waiting: 19 days

Bronze bracket:
#17 GuurenLagen HAKAN vs. #17 Benson29 YUN
Days waiting: 23 days

When we have to wait on average 18 days for matches to be played, then its time that I decide who wins.  I have been in constant contact with half of these members these past couple of weeks.   The other half I have emailed/messaged trying to set times to play these matches.  They have not
been as committed.

Therefore, this Sunday Jan 27th will be the day I forfeit these matches for my own deadline.  18 days is more than enough time to play a match.  And when I try my best to set a time to play between two members and get ignored, my time has been wasted enough.

*** Major props to XERODGX, who has not been online in over 3 weeks.  He offered up Sunday as his own personal deadline to play his match versus Skrface's Guile in the Silver bracket.  He volunteered to forfeit his match if can't get online by Sunday.  Thanx for your commitment to the league, XERO!  Hopefully you can play your match before Sunday.

Thank you and good luck.

PS - No big surprise, but there will be no 5th season of the SFCCL.  I'll give everyone just one guess as to why.

*** SFCCL-SALonghorn ***

Quick update.

I am working with the remaining members still playing in Super Brawl IV.  "Working" in the sense of usually being a messenger.  Ther has only been 4 matches played this month, so the current snails pace is to be expected.

My original timeline had this tournament being complete by the end of last year, but due to many circumstances, the tournament is still ongoing.  As I continue to communicate with all members, stay tuned for Facebook updates via the SFCCL Group page.  The Bronze finale has been set for some time now, while the Gold and Silver brackets have one fighter who has reached the Finale with both brackets awaiting Quarter Finals matches to be played.

I still hope to record and post the final matches in each of the brackets.


Division A winner:  #6 RammaCricket JURI (22-4)

Division B next match:
Quarter Finals:  #1 DrPepper20 HONDA  (M 29-3) vs. #5 RammaCricket CODY (M 24-1)
Next opponents:  #2 Cubanile_WL GUY (29-6)


Division A:
Quarter Finals:  #11 Skrface_13 GUILE (15-11) vs. #15 XeroDgX AKUMA  (M 12-8)
Next opponents:  #13 Benson29 RYU  (M 14-3)

Division B winner:  #10 Mijoeight ABEL  (M 17-10)


Final Match:  #17 GuurenLagen HAKAN  (M 12-4) vs. #17 Benson29 YUN  (11-7)

Good luck to all remaining fighters.

*** SFCCL-SALonghorn ***
Greetings everyone,

Just touching base with all remaining members in the SUPER BRAWL IV tournaments.  Please let me know if your opponent isn't responding to your messages to play your final matches.  This tournament should have been over weeks ago, so I am doing everything I can to get these final matches complete.  I do not want any forfeits, but they are a possability in order to close these tournaments.  Please remember that if we are waiting on your match to be played, other members members in the next round may have been waiting over a month to play their next match. 

Please be considerate of everyone involved in this tournament, and play your matches AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Quarter Finals B Division: RammaCricket CODY vs. DrPepper20 HONDA

Awaiting opponents:  Cubanile_WL Guy, RammaCricket Juri

Quarter Finals A Division:  Skrface+13 GUILE vs. XeroDgX AKUMA

Awaiting opponents:  Benson29 RYU, Mijoeight ABEL

Finals:  GuurenLagen HAKEN vs. Benson29 YUN

Again, please let me know if your opponent is missing.  Forfeits will be handled out if they do not reply to
my messages via email, PSN message, or Facebook.

Good luck.

***  SFCCL-SALonghorn ***
Well we're coming down the final stretch!

Only 8 matches remain in SUPER BRAWL IV.  With the return of Skrface_13 tonight, the final 8 matches will be played out.  Skrface's Guile played his first match in the 1st round of the Silver Division versus OceanicMidnight's Oni and won 2 to 1.  We tried to gather all the remaining members tonight to have a mini-event where 6 of the fnal 9 matches could be played in one outing.  Winners of each match could then play the next round opponent immediately.  UNofrotunately, we were missing one 1st round opponent and one 21nd round opponent so in the end, only 1 match got played.

Note - RAMMACRICKET and XERODGX - please contact Skrface_13 via the PSN to setup a time to play your matches.  Hopefully the final 5 lower round matches can be played this week so that all tournament brackets are set for the Finals.

Final matches are best 3 out of 5 five-round matches.  Please save your replays so I can record them and upload to the site for everyone to enjoy.  No more deadlines.  The end of the tournaments should be in the next two weeks at most.

Good luck to all remaining fighters!

*** SFCCL-SALonghorn ***
Let me make this clear to anyone who doesn't understand it.

I have run this league for nearly 4 years.  My only concern as the ADMIN of the SFCCL is getting
this season complete.  As a player, my season ended a long time ago.  But as the ADMIN, I am 100% commited to finishing this tournament.  If matches are double-forfeited as a result of members not playing and preferring to point fingers, then they make my choice an easy one.  Especially when they have had 3 to 4 weeks to play ONE MATCH.

Everyone signed up for this league & tournament voluntarily.  I am donating my time without expecting any type of compensation.  But at the same time, I will not waste my time waiting for matches to be played.  I do not want excuses nor members who don't play for whatever f'n reason.
If anyone disagrees, I will gladly accept your forfeits now.

Good luck to remaining fighters.  Oh...and happy new year!

*** SFCCL-SALonghorn
SKRFACE is back!

Thats the good news.  Just logged online a few minutes ago and I saw for the first time in over 50+ days that SKRFACE had been on the PSN.  With his return, the B Division of the Gold bracket and the A Division of the Silver bracket matches being played is now possible. 

The bad news is not all that bad.  Sunday was the deadline for the Semi FInals in all three brackets.  We should be down to the finals in each of the brackets, or the final 3 matches between the final 6 fighters.  Due to Skrface's absence, two of those spots were not going to be filled as we awaited his playing.  However, of the other 4 spots, two have been filled.  Congrats to Benson29's Yun for reaching the Bronze bracket finals from the B Division.  Also congrats to Mijoeight's Abel for reaching the Silver bracket finals. 

One Gold and one Bronze semi finals matches remain to fill in those remaining two spots.  Hopefully, the Skrface matches will fill in this week so we can complete all the brackets this week, if not next week.  The deadline for these finals 11 matches is soft since we are near the end and with the return of Skrface.

NOTE TO ALL FINALISTS - please save your replays of your Finals matches.  I want to record all matches for each bracket finals.  Also please remember the finals matches are best 3 out of 5 five-round matches.

Good luck to all remaining fighters!  Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone!
We are now a month into the end of season tournament known as SUPER BRAWL IV.

To date, 32 of the scheduled 45 matches are complete.  I had originally planned for all but the final 3 matches to be played by this point.  I had hoped this week would be the week of tournament finals in the Gold, Silver, and Bronze brackets.  Unfortunately, we were unable to meet the original deadlines.  So I've extended the results (and tournaments) by another week. 

The deadline for the Semi Finals is now Sunday, December 23, 2012.  Hopefully a week from now we will be down to the final 3 tournament finals.  With this new deadline, only one match is overdue.:

Gold Bracket B Division
#3 Jay19000 VEGA vs. #2 Cubanile_WL Guy

An extension has been given for this match until Wedneday, December 19th.  If the match remains unplayed, it will result in a double forfeit.  Either way, once this match is complete, the only matches lacking will be the SKRFACE matches in the first two rounds.  He is still in contact with me giving my weekly updates to his progress in returning to normal life following Hurricane Sandy.  I ask for the continued patience from his opponents and possible future opponents.

Even with the new deadlines, the tournaments should be done by the end of the year.  Good luck to all remaining fighters!
SUPER BRAWL IV Week 4 matches